AWK Tribander 20, 15, 10

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Two-element and three-band directional antenna AWK Tribander
A space-saving tribander tailored for enthusiasts with limited installation space. If you need a multi-band directional antenna and don’t have a lot of space, this design significantly reduces the overall width, making it ideal for users with space constraints.
Three basic bands 14 , 21 , 28 MHz (20, 15, 10 m) . 
There are two elements for each band, a radiator and a reflector.
The antenna is contructed from glass fibre rods, aluminum, stainless steel and galvanized steel and has a sealed connector box resistant to rain and UV rays to keep the balun and connections from the elements.
The antenna works well on DX and as a QRP station.
The 1:1 balun is already installed.
Technical details

Socket — UC1 / SO239

Horizontally polarised

Radiation Mono-Directional

Max power supplied 1000 Watt PEP

Antenna gain 6 dBi

F/B ratio 15 dB

Minimum SWR 1.1 : 1

Can accommodate any mast up to 52mm in diameter.

Weight 8 kg.

Square sides of 5,2 m

Turning radius 3,6 m

Additional information

Weight 8 kg


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