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Since 1970

We have extensive experience in the assembly and manufacture of antennas since the 70’s. Not to be overlooked is our activity on the air where we have QSL’s from over 300 divisions.
We make Cobweb7, Cobweb 5 antennas but we can also make and design another 2m, 70cm, CB, delta loop, Yagi antennas etc.

Our vision is to exceed your expectations.

Our products are made of the best components available on the market. Each product is checked in our measurement laboratory so that the final product meets your expectations 100%.

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We pay special attention to the final delivery. We only work with proven suppliers, with whom we have been collaborating for many years.

I love the Cobweb7, it works great on 20m-10m. 6m is an issue for me, but 6m is no big deal for me, because I am not a 6m guy. 20-10m is important to me, and on those bands, the Cobweb works fantastic!! I am trying to convince my friend to purchase one for these bands as well, because I truly believe that this antenna is a definite performer for my needs! Great buy, great construction! Highly recommended!