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  • Cobweb 8 40-6m


    Multiband cobweb antenna works on 8 HF bands and up to 800/1000w. Bands are 7,10,14,18,21,24,28,50 MHz This antenna has sides of the square 5,2 x 5,2 m, and is very useful where space is limited. It’s design is strong and robust, and is resistant to strong winds. The antenna is contructed from glass fibre rods,…

  • Delta Loop 2el. 11M


    A 2-element Delta Loop antenna designed and tuned for the 11m 27 or optional 10m 28 MHz band. It is a lightweight antenna ideal for local and distant DX communications. The antenna does not require a tall mast and can outperform a 3-element Yagi in terms of performance. The design uses high quality materials for…