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Cobweb 8 40-6m_edited.jpg

General view of the mast-mounted antenna.

This is what it looks like when built and ready to go.

In the photo we can see how the antenna is mounted on the mast and the installation of the upper handle with the cables supporting the antenna arms.

Cobweb antenna mounted mast
Cobweb antenna wires 40m 30m arms

The cable supporting the antenna arms and how it is mounted to the antenna arm. In addition, we can see how to connect the cables for the 30m and 40m bands.

Cobweb antenna plots.jpg

As you can see, it is not complicated. Assembly is easy and can be done alone.

The weight of the antenna does not exceed 8 kg.
The side of the square is 5.2m
The radius of rotation is 3.6m
Maximum power 800W / 1000W peak power

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